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The National Register of FTL & LTL Shippers,
2020 Edition®

The National Register of FTL & LTL Shippers, 2020 Edition® is a verified listing of thoroughly-vetted, quality freight sales leads compiled as a sales generation resource for individuals and companies engaged in the freight shipping business.

  • Competitive Advantage

    This database of truckload and less-than-truckload shippers is an all-in-one opportunity for all types of sales professionals and transportation companies moving freight in the spot market.

  • Quality Leads

    Small and mid-sized shippers listed are carefully selected and qualified to help enable even novice sales people to achieve success effortlessly. Shippers are known to be actively moving freight throughout North America.

  • Verified

    If any segment of your transportation services portfolio involves ground shipping, then this is the resource for you. Whether you offer full truckload (FTL) shipping or less-than-truckload (LTL) shipping, you will find the leads that you need listed in The National Register of FTL & LTL Shippers, 2020 Edition®.

What can I expect to find inside The National Register of FTL & LTL Shippers?

Inside the register you will find a comprehensive listing of over 3,000 qualified and thoroughly-vetted full truckload shippers and less-than-truckload shippers. The company listings are grouped by State. Each listing includes company name, address, phone number, key contact name and title, and a description of the commodities shipped.

Unlike the phone book or other publications, every single one of the freight shippers listed in this register has been qualified as either shipping FTL and/or LTL freight loads on a regular basis. We have done the cold calling for you to qualify them as either a truckload shipper or less-than-truckload shipper, or in many cases, as both. Additionally, we have taken great care to include only those freight leads that meet our stringent criteria which defines every shipper as "approachable" by even the most inexperienced sales people.

The companies curated in The National Register of FTL & LTL Shippers, 2020 Edition® ship an array of some of the highest yield freight in terms of transportation provider earnings These shippers are actively looking to engage with reliable transportation providers that can offer various types of transportation services, ranging from dry vans to flat beds, from lift-gate services to specialized equipment, from refrigerated services to hazardous materials handling.

Starting a freight trucking business in North America requires compliance to a plethora of rules and regulations set forth by the authorities and the costs associated with doing so can escalate very rapidly. As the owner of a start-up transportation company, you have several activities that require your full, undivided attention, yet your time is limited. The National Register of FTL & LTL Shippers, 2020 Edition® benefits new trucking company owners by saving them time as the targeted freight leads are listed in one convenient resource; no more wasted time fishing for prospects through endless internet searches or in other ambiguous publications. Additionally, there is only one low price to pay for this goldmine of a resource!

Load boards typically require their customers to pay recurring membership or access fees for the privilege of bidding on posted loads. The vast majority of the postings are bogus loads posted by users to gather information on current shipping rates on various trucking lanes. Carriers bidding on freight never truly know if the posted loads are for actual freight that physically exists or whether they are wasting their time with something fictitious. With The National Register of FTL & LTL Shippers, 2020 Edition® there are NO usage fees or other recurring charges. You only pay for the database once and the freight leads are yours to keep. The companies listed in the directory are actual shippers of real, physical product.

Because your time is finite and precious and we believe that time is the most valuable resource anyone has. Period. Therefore, every sales call made should be worth the time spent dialing and conversing on the phone and every prospecting effort should result in revenue generation. We have painstakingly compiled qualified FTL and LTL freight shippers into one convenient resource, to save you time. So unless you're planning on living forever and have unlimited time on your hands, (in which case, please contact us and do tell us your secret!), The National Register of FTL & LTL Shippers, 2020 Edition® is meant to save you time and help generate new business, cost-efficiently.

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“New account successfully closed and this shipper is a whale! Working with your team has been an eye opening experience for us. Thank you!”

The National Register of FTL & LTL Shippers, 2020 Edition®

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  • 3,000+ domestic US shippers

  • 100,000+ FTL & LTL loads moved daily

  • Freight leads categorized by State

  • Decision maker contact info included

  • Descriptions of commodities shipped

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value of monthly u.s. - nafta freight flows
Ground Freight
millions of current dollars, october 2017
Imports: 33,351
Exports: 30,993
Air Freight
millions of current dollars, october 2017
Imports: 1,615
Exports: 2,159
Rail Freight
millions of current dollars, october 2017
Imports: 9,779
Exports: 5,379
Ocean Freight
millions of current dollars, october 2017
Imports: 3,583
Exports: 3,084