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FREIGHTLEADS Match is your on-demand, live-lead matching portal.
A healthy and profitable book of business is dependent on quality shippers that move large volumes of freight consistently with you as their preferred transportation provider.  Your customers require your complete and undivided attention for ensuring safe and seamless delivery of their goods every single time.
Booking loads, coordinating pickups, tracking & tracing, customer updates, dealing with shippers, drivers and consignees, collecting POD's, invoicing and ensuring receiving and sending payments promptly are just some of your daily activities that consume all of your time and energy.
In order to remain profitable in today's economy you must consistently add new customers to your transportation portfolio and grow your book of business. However, prospecting for and vetting quality shipper leads to engage in business with is a full-time job unto itself.
FREIGHTLEADS Match enables you to remain focused on running your daily operations by providing you qualified, prescreened and vetted shipper leads sent directly to your email inbox so you don't have to spend any time searching for leads yourself.
Appoint us to be your expert cold-calling partners on an on-demand, pay-per-lead basis so that you can focus on growing your book of business efficiently.
How does it work?
Very simply. We find and cold call shippers throughout North America. If the shipper qualifies and meets our stringent criteria we notify you via email. If you find the credentials of the shipper lead acceptable you can safely purchase the contact information for a nominal fee. No contracts. No minimums. Once you have the shipper's contact information you are free to engage with them as and when you please.

What information is provided on each shipper lead?

All leads include company name & address, key contact name & email and a description of the commodities shipped.

How much does this service cost and what are the terms?

There are no minimum terms and no contracts. You simply opt in to join our mailing list for free. Once you are approved to be on our list you will then receive notifications on hot shipper leads regularly. If you like what you see you may purchase the contact information on that particular lead any time. Leads vary in cost ranging from $1 to $99 per lead.

Who is this suitable for?

FREIGHTLEADS Match is ideal for any transportation professional interested in realizing remarkable ROI's by leveraging professional cold calling expertise to rapidly grow their book of business whilst freeing up valuable time.

What about privacy?

We take privacy extremely seriously and will never share your information with any other third party; ever.

Ready to capitalize with FREIGHTLEADS Match?

If you've identified the need to grow your transportation portfolio and lighten your workload in order to optimize your operations by partnering with the transportation industry's one-of-a-kind, on-demand professional cold calling experts and live-lead matching service, click here to get started now.