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FREIGHTLEADS Connect is your on-demand, pay-per-result satellite sales team.
Growing your transportation portfolio is a massive undertaking in today's competitive climate, to say the least. Every moment of your time and every ounce of your energy and devotion must be committed around the clock to ensure that all of your business horsepower and systems are consistently firing at peak performance levels.
FREIGHTLEADS Connect alleviates some of your workload by enabling you to outsource your critical new business development activities to connect and do business with shippers without the need to burden your payroll with full- or part-time staff and assume all associated costs.
Appoint us to be your expert transportation sales professionals on an on-demand, pay-per-result basis so that you can focus on growing your book of business efficiently.
How does it work?
Quite simply. Based on your requirements and preferred criteria we locate, approach and make contact with shippers to solicit new business on your behalf. Once a shipper is ready and willing to engage with your company, we bow out of the communications process allowing you to handle your new prospects' freight transportation requirements directly, thereafter.

How much does this service cost and what are the terms?

There are no minimum terms and no contracts. You simply select in advance how many qualified, active shippers you would like to engage with and that is precisely what we deliver. Your small investment will be based on your needs. Give us a call to learn more about how we can help you develop new business efficiently.

Who is this suitable for?

FREIGHTLEADS Connect is ideal for any transportation professional interested in realizing remarkable ROI's by leveraging professional freight sales expertise to rapidly grow their book of business whilst freeing up valuable time.

What about privacy?

Every business lead that we generate on your behalf is yours to keep, indefinitely. We take privacy extremely seriously and will never cross-sell to or share information with any other third party; ever.

Ready to capitalize with FREIGHTLEADS Connect?

If you've identified the need to grow your transportation portfolio and lighten your workload in order to optimize your operations by partnering with the transportation industry's one-of-a-kind, on-demand professional freight sales experts, give us a call to get started today.