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FREIGHTLEADS Accelerator™ is a high-level influence and persuasion system for freight sales success.

STOP wasting your time and money, immediately.

Regularly cold calling shippers to source freight is vital for the sustained growth of your book of business, yet many find it arduous and unpleasant, feeling like we’re constantly stuck grinding in first gear, one phone call after another.

  • “We don’t need new brokers or carriers.”

    If you’re cold-calling shippers to source freight and just aren’t seeing the results you’re after, chances are you’re asking to speak to the decision maker or the shipping & receiving department or perhaps you “have a truck nearby” or you’re using a similarly-ineffective tactic, or maybe you're trying to “qualify the prospect” by attempting to learn about their shipping habits, their lanes, etc.

  • “Our freight is customer-routed.”

    If shippers are giving you the runaround about how they're not busy because the economy is slow right now or they're happy with their current providers and aren't interested in switching to new ones or that their “..freight is customer-routed..”, or some other fabricated lie, it might be time to reassess your freight sales game.

  • “Send us a rate sheet.”

    If your prospects are defaulting to autopilot responses like, “..send us a rate sheet..” or “..fax us your info..”, it doesn’t mean there is interest. These types of canned responses are simply intended to get you off the phone as quickly as possible. When you begin to notice a pattern of similar sounding responses, call after call, it just might be time to reassess your cold outreach strategy.

  • “We don’t have a need for your services.”

    Times have changed and old school cold calling strategies just don’t work anymore. They’re a waste of your valuable time and most shippers are flat out sick of hearing the same spiel from every single broker and carrier that reaches out to them, day in and day out. Your time is finite and extremely valuable. It might now be wise to consider looking at a new strategy that will actually serve you and result in cold hard cash in your bank account.

A strategy predicated on hope is a strategy to win the race to the bottom™.

Learn expert secrets, join the industry’s top 1% and start receiving more requests for quotes than your inbox can handle.

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